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Here at our blog, we never store any personal information from our visitors. Sometimes, ads like Google AdSense and others may store cookies on the browsers of our visitors which are meant to track the behavior of the users and to deliver relevant ads. This information isn't sold to anyone nor the ads networks share them with third-parties. We also don't have access to information grabbed by ads cookies.

When users participate in commenting on our blog, we never encourage them to disclose their personal information in comments. Sensitive information like emails, passwords, credit card numbers and others shared publicly will breach the user's privacy and the user himself is responsible for this.

Google Analytics is used on our website to track visitor's behaviors. The network stores cookies on your browser to detect how you interact with our website. All this information is just meant to understand you and your needs and in turn to improve user experience for our visitors.

This privacy policy was last updated on January 02, 2016. Just in case we make any updates to the privacy policy of our website, we will inform you via notifications here on our website.
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